This is the second clip with tips to help you pass out tracts in public events, such as this: the Cannes Film Festival. If there is a fair, concert, sports event or festival in your area, you can reach hundreds of people with the printed gospel in minutes.

Passing out tracts is really very ­easy– you only need a little bit of courage.

  1. Bees. If someone rejects your tract, don’t worry. Just go to the next person. Don’t get discouraged, just forget about it and try again. A good friend said that we are like bees and if there is no pollen in one flower, we don’t get angry at the flower and sting it, we just move to the next one. Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 8.19.00 PM
  2. Pause. If there is a group of people coming your way, and the first one rejects your tract, chances are that all of the people following will also reject it. So just pause after that rejection and let some people pass by. Get a new group of people and start again.
  3. Be ready. Always be ready to answer the question, “But what is this?” Most of the people will only take your tract and walk away but if there is one person that stops you and asks, be ready to share the gospel in a biblical way.

Never go out without your tracts, Spurgeon said, they may be the seed of eternal life. Never underestimate the power of the tract, not of the paper itself, but of the message printed on it.

I hope this tip was helpful.