In this episode, we will look at more tips for open-air preaching.

1) Choose a place with good acoustics. Listen, my husband’s voice bounces off the buildings and I can still hear him.Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 6.06.11 PM

2) If you have friends coming to support you, have them stand in a circle and give all their attention to your preaching. They shouldn’t talk between themselves or with the crowd. Let everybody hear the gospel and when you are done, your friends can engage them in conversations.

3) Don’t be afraid of hecklers. Instead, rejoice. A heckler can help you grow the crowd to a 100 people in just a few minutes.

4) Don’t get sidetracked with questions. Try to answer briefly and direct your response to the core of the gospel. Never keep your eyes off the cross.

5) Be patient and living with the crowd. Remember, most of them will be lost people that act like lost people.

6) Don’t be discouraged. Even if there wasn’t a big crowd and things don’t work the
way you wanted–don’t worry, planted seeds of the gospel.

Our job isn’t to convince people but to share the gospel and the only time you fail on evangelism is when you don’t evangelize.

We hope this was helpful!