I’ll share with you another tip to help you to conquer your fears and share your faith. The first tip was compassion, today lets look at: your motivation.

Imagine that the water is freezing cold. And tell you, “I dare you to run into the water and swim.” Would you do it for a dare? Would you talk about Jesus with someone for a dare?

Now imagine, I offer you 5 Euros if you go to witness to an unknown person; would you do it? And if I offer you 10? Would you do it for 50? Analyze yourself and see if you would share the gospel for money. If you are being honest, you know that you would.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 6.17.29 PMOur motivation is often misplaced. We should conquer our fears and share the gospel only because our Lord has commanded us to. That alone should move us to ignore our fears.

Sometimes when I feel fearful I pray, “Oh God I know I would witness for money, how much more I should do it only because of you.”

May your motivation be obedience to his command, love and compassion.