Open-air preaching is simply to go out of your church’s walls and herald the gospel publicly. A good friend, evangelist Ray Comfort, often says that a good open-air session can reach more unsaved in 30 minutes than an average church in a year.

Here are some tips for open-air preaching.Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 6.15.08 PM

Number 1. Don’t forget to pray before you move a finger. Just pray…

Number 2. We need elevation. Use a box to give you a lift. People will look at you and wonder what do you have to say… I also have a flipchart as a visual aid.

Number 3. Now, we need a crowd! I’ll start by asking some trivia questions out loud… Yes, make sure you are loud. And if some brothers and sisters are coming with you, have them form a circle and merge with the crowd.

Remember, open-air preaching is still legal in the UK, America and Europe. Let’s get out of our comfort zone and proclaim Jesus in the highways and the byways.