Photo: Chance Agrella

Photo: Chance Agrella

I read about a man in England who was involved ih drug traffic and he used a very sophisticated calculator to keep track of his records. When the police arrested him, he said that he had wiped out the calculator’s memory and the police would be unable to find evidence of his “business”. They took the expensive calculator to a Lab and they were able to retreive every single record. The man was found guilty and was sentenced.

In a sense, our consience has been erased from crimes (sins) we have committed in the past and we think is alright because time forgets- doesn’t it?

Allow me to take your consience to a “Lab” and see if we can retrieve some old records and find how will you do when justice gets you. Shall we?

1) Have you stolen anything. Regardless of its size or value? Probably you will answer that you have, but that it was a long long time ago.

2) Have you looked at someone with lust, and therefore committed adultery in your heart? Maybe yesterday, maybe a week ago.

3) When was the last time that you told a lie? A month ago? And before that, how many lies have you told in your life?

If you have stolen, looked with lust or lied; you have broken God’s Law (Ten Commandments) and would be guilty when God judges you! You would be a criminal in God’s court, with a eternity in Hell as sentence.

Are you trusting time to forget your sins? Will fifty years forgive a man’s crime? Can a hundred years be enough to be found innocent in a Court of Law? Certainly not! Time doesn’t forget a crime committed against man- how much more it won’t help with the crimes we’ve committed against our Creator.

Time doesn’t forget! Time won’t help you! Time cannot save you!

What you need is a Savior! God sent Jesus of Nazareth to suffer and die on a Cross 2000 years ago. His death was the punishment for the Law that you and I broke. Jesus took upon Himself our sentence! God approved His sacrifice and raised Him from the death on the 3rd day.

Jesus paid the fine for the Law that we broke! What we need to do in reponse is to turn from the things we do and are unpleasing to God. Stop the stealing, lusting, lying, etc; this

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is repentance. Then, put all your trust in Jesus because only his death and resurection can save you. The moment you repent and trust in Christ, God will commute your death sentence, giving you life eternal in Heaven!

Please, do not rely on time. Time doesn’t forget- and certainly neither God. Trust in Jesus and in Jesus only.

Time will not forget.