What did Jesus Do?

If we want to follow in the steps of Jesus, we should consider this model from his encounter with the woman at the well. Jesus started a normal conversation to shortly take it to spiritual things. Then, Jesus exposed the woman to her sin (broken the 7th commandment) to humble her and show her need of a Savior.

We should share God’s grace only when the person’s heart is humble, to take him there, we must use God’s Law.

Law to the proud and Grace to the humble.

Consider the following model and please watch the clip in the end…

(From the “Way of the Master” Basic Training Course, available at LivingWaters.com)

•Start in the natural.
Start a conversation with everyday things. “Hi, how are you?” “Nice weather we’re having.”
•Swing to the Spiritual.
Move the conversation from the natural to the spiritual. Mention the things of God. You can do this by using tracts and saying, “Did you get one of these? It’s a gospel tract.” Then you can ask if they have a Christian upbringing.
•Then move into WDJD.

Would you consider yourself to be a good person?
Most people think they are good and will usually say yes (Proverbs 20:6). They often think that compared with others they are good.
Do you think you have kept the Ten Commandments?
Again most people would say yes. Many people don’t even know what the ten commandments are. You can then ask them if they mind if you ask them a few questions to find out whether they have or not.
If God were to judge you by the Ten Commandments do you think you would be innocent or guilty?
As the person begins to measure themselves up against the Ten Commandments their conscience soon begins to convict them of their sin. The law becomes a school master opening their eyes to their sin.
Many will say that they are guilty. They are at a point of humility and ready for grace and the gospel.
Others will continue to say that they are innocent. They are still proud in their heart and you may need to continue with the law until they recognise their transgression of the law.
Do you think you would go to Heaven or Hell? (Destiny)
Most people, who recognise their sin, will think that they would go to Hell if judged today. Others will think that God is a forgiving God so will let them into Heaven. Then you may have to show them an example from the civil courts to help them understand how a good judge cannot let a criminal off even if he does ask for forgiveness. The punishment has to be paid by someone.

Only when they have accepted their need can you then bring them the Gospel. If they are still protesting their righteousness before God they still need to hear the Law.

The Gospel can be shared simply by remembering.
••Their need (sin – transgression of the Law).
••Jesus (The real Jesus – God and man Eternal and holy).
••The Cross (Jesus dying in their place taking their punishment).
••The justice of God forgiving you now that the sin has been paid for in Jesus.
••There need to repent and put faith in Jesus.